Combo Ticket

Combo Ticket Salzburg - Prague

With WESTbahn and WESTbus, travel from one city highlight to the next: the new WESTbahn and WESTbus combo ticket connects two of the finest tourist destinations in Europe. From Cathedral Square to the Charles Bridge, from Mozart to Kafka, from Salzburger Nockerl (an Austrian dessert) to Bohemian dumplings – there are many reasons to visit these two cities.

You can travel by WESTbahn from Salzburg to Linz and then by WESTbus on to Prague. The combo ticket costs € 33 for adults (one way). Children aged 0 to 11 pay € 14, and children aged 12 to 14 pay € 27 (one way). The combo ticket includes both the rail travel by WESTbahn (Salzburg - Linz or back) and the bus portion on WESTbus (Linz - Prague or back). The ticket is route-specific for the bus portion. Tickets are only available online. The seat reservation for WESTbus is automatically included; for WESTbahn, reservations are possible for an additional fee at

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