Our FAQ offers you assistance with common questions: before, during and after your trip.

If you don’t find the question or answer you are looking for, we would appreciate your feedback. 

Where can I buy a ticket?

Tickets can be purchased on our website at www.westbus.at, at our sales locations as well as right on the bus. A seat-reservation is included in the tickets purchased online and from our sales locations. Please notice that the ticket sale on the bus is subject to availability.

Special offers can mostly only be booked online. 

Online booking is possible for all WESTbus tickets up to 30 minutes before departure. For the Flixbus lines, please refer to: www.flixbus.at.
How can I reserve my seat?

When purchasing a ticket at our sales locations or an online ticket, a seat is guaranteed.
When purchasing a ticket on the bus no seat is guaranteed.

Please note that the reservation of specific seats is not  possible. On the bus, you have a free seat-choice.

Will I receive an invoice?

The tickets of WESTbus GmbH serve as invoices as defined by the Value-Added Tax Act (UStG). This naturally means that they permit pre-tax deduction, if applicable. All information required by the Section 11(9) of the Value-Added Tax Act (UStG) can be found on the ticket.

Can I get information about the available seats on the bus from the call centre?

Please note that our call centre is not able to provide information about the available seats. If a line is no longer available online, the bus is either fully booked or the departure is in less than 2 hours and online booking is no longer possible.

Which browsers ensure a smooth booking process?

To ensure that your booking takes place smoothly, it is best to use a recent browser version. The current browser versions can be found under the following links:

How do I receive my ticket when I book online?

Your ticket will be sent to the specified email address. This may take up to 30 minutes.

Can I also buy my ticket from the bus driver?

If you want to buy a ticket from the bus driver, you can you can make your purchase from the WESTbus driver as of 20 minutes before departure at the first stop of a line or 5 minutes before departure at one of the intermediate stops. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee in this case that seats will still be available on your desired bus.

Why do I have to provide my name for many routes?

For transportation across borders, we are obligated to carry a passenger list with first and last name in order that the information can be verified in event of a passport check.

Do I have to print out my ticket?
The ticket will also be sent to the email address you specify (please check your email filters). This avoids any ticket mailing costs. You can print your ticket at home or on a public printer immediately after booking. You can also check in with the barcode on your smartphone or on the printed ticket.
What must I consider when printing the ticket?

When printing the ticket, please ensure that the barcode has been printed clearly and that you do not fold the paper at the barcode; otherwise the bus driver will not be able to register the ticket with the scanner.

How long are tickets valid?

Single tickets are valid for the booked trip. Ticket cancelations are free of charge up to 24 hours before departure at www.westbus.at. Therefore you have to enter your ticket data in the ticket box status at www.westbus.at. You may also have the possibility to rebook your ticket 24 hours before departure - please contact our Custumer Care Center at westbus@blaguss.com. Single trip tickets purchased from a tobacco shop are valid for 6 months and cannot be cancelled or rebooked.

Which payment options are available in the ticket shop?

The credit cards accepted by WESTbus are VISA with and without Verified by VISA functionality and MasterCard with and without MasterCard SecureCode. When purchasing tickets online by credit card, you must enter your credit card number, the expiry date, the cardholder and the three-digit security code, the verification number. Your security code provides additional security when purchasing online and is normally the last three digits of the number on the back of the credit card. The security code can be found in different places, depending on the credit card company, but it is normally printed on the signature strip.

Another payment option is SOFORT Transfer, an online direct deposit method that works on the basis of online banking. You do not have to register for it, but choose SOFORT transfer as a payment option and then be automatically redirected to the secure payment form.

WESTbus also accept PayPal payments. PayPal is an online payment service that allows you to pay securely, easily and quickly at online stores. You only need a PayPal login for the free payment option.

WESTbus secures your payment data with SSL encryption. You can very easily check whether the connection between your computer and the webshop is secure: When the connection is secure, a padlock will appear in the lower right corner of the browser window (Internet Explorer and Firefox), to the right of the address bar (Chrome) or in the upper right of the browser window (Safari).
How can I book as a group?

Groups with a minimum of 15 persons can only be booked upon request. Please contact: westbus@blaguss.com

What is the latest point in time at which a trip can be booked with WESTbus?

You can get a ticket for your desired trip online up to 2 hours before departure. You can still buy a ticket from the WESTbus driver at the first stop of a line as of 15 minutes before departure or 5 minutes before departure at the intermediate stops. However, in both of the last two cases, tickets are only available if the bus is not already full!

Children travelling alone - What must be considered?
Children under 7 years old can only travel if accompanied by an adult.
Children aged 7 to 13 can travel either accompanied by an adult or with written permission including the name, address and telephone number of the parent or guardian. A copy of the parent’s passport must be attached to this confirmation.
Children aged 14 to 17 require only a written declaration of permission from a parent or guardian.

Download Template of letter of authority for unaccompanied children

In other countries, the laws of the destination country for the protection of children apply. Detailed information on this topic can be obtained from the embassy or consulate of the respective country.

Is it possible to exchange/cancel the ticket?

If you have purchased your ticket (standard rates only) you have the option of cancelling your ticket free of charge up to 24 hours before departure. If you purchased your ticket after 1st of December 2015 the Cancellation policy will be 12 hours instead of 24 hours.

Limited-time promo tickets (with promotion code) and the "Sparstraße" Tariff are not refundable.

If you like to cancel your standard ticket please enter your ticket data in the ticket box status at www.westbus.at.

If you have booked your standard ticket in one of our sales locations, you can cancel it only at the place of purchase.

A rebooking of WESTbus-Tickets is not possible.

Are the buses handicapped accessible?
Our buses are largely handicapped accessible. On the following routes, our buses are each equipped with a wheelchair access and a barrier-free access:

Wien - Klagenfurt

Klagenfurt - Wien

Linz - Graz (except Fridays, departure 12:45 and 18:15 as well as Sundays, departure at 14:15)

Graz - Linz (except Fridays, departures 13:20 and 18:00 as well as Sundays, departure at 18:00)

Persons with reduced mobility need a valid ticket for their travel. A free wheelchair access reservation is available at our Customer Care Center at westbus@blaguss.com. There is no transport guarantee without seat reservation.
Is there a special offer for visually impaired persons?
Blind and visually impaired persons who have already purchased a valid ticket can obtain a free ticket for their registered companion. The free ticket for the companion is available from our customer care centre. The ticket number of the visually impaired person must be provided when booking the companion ticket. 
Please note that the tickets are only valid in connection with an ID for the blind issued by the Association for the Blind. This must be presented to the bus driver.
How can I find the WESTbus stops?

The stops are well marked by signs, and you can always locate the correct WESTbus stop of the respective city under the menu item "Stops". You can even navigate easily to the desired stop using Google Maps. 

How do I determine whether I am on the right WESTbus?

Many routes are operated by partner companies. (List routes and partners). You can find the possible buses under the menu item Fleet. (Form.!)

Do I have to bring travel documents?

Travel documents must only be carried for trips that cross borders; in such cases, travel is only possible with valid travel documents. Your passport or personal ID serve as travel documents but not a driver’s license or similar documents.

Can I also buy my ticket directly from the bus driver? (Shortly before departure?)

If you would like to purchase a ticket from the bus driver at the first stop of a bus line, you should be at the WESTbus / stop 15 minutes before the departure. For boarding at an intermediate stop, you must be there at least 5 minutes before departure. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that seats will still be available on the desired bus.

Do I have to coordinate with my fellow travellers when I have purchased a ticket for multiple people?

If you have purchased a ticket for multiple people, you do not have to coordinate with your fellow travellers to arrive at the bus entry point at the same time prior to departure. You will receive as many bar codes on your smartphone or print@home tickets as the number of people you booked travel for. All of your fellow travellers can board the bus on their own prior to departure! Extensive planning is therefore unnecessary. You can simply board the bus and enjoy the ride!

Does every WESTbus have a toilet?

Our WESTbuses are equipped with toilet facilities. These are located in the middle entry area and can be used at any time. Should these facilities be out of service, we will strive to correct this as quickly as possible. However, WESTbus cannot be held liable for the toilets being out of service.

Can I leave the bus at a transfer station before the trip is continued?

Please follow the instructions of the bus driver. In principle, leaving the bus is not permitted because the transfer time is limited and the schedule must be kept.

Are WESTbuses equipped with air-conditioning?

Yes, all our WESTbuses are extremely modern and naturally equipped with air-conditioning.

Are there beverages and snacks on board?

For your convenience, beverages can be purchased during the trip at low prices near the front of the bus next to the driver. Snacks cannot be purchased on the bus.

Is there free WLAN on the WESTbuses?

At all our WESTbus trips we offer you free and unlimited LTE WLAN access.

You can entry easily into the Freewave Wireless Internet Hotspot on board of the WESTbus coaches: just go online with a single click without registration or code and surf for free.

WLAN is offered only on the national WESTbus lines. We cannot guarantee full coverage of the vehicles with WLAN on our international lines.

Do the WESTbuses take breaks during the trip?

Long breaks are not planned for the WESTbus trips except for the regular intermediate stops. There are toilets and convenient service on board to provide all you need during the trip while arriving quickly at your destination.

Is it possible to smoke on a WESTbus?

Smoking is absolutely prohibited on our WESTbuses!

Is it possible to transfer to another line with WESTbus?

At WESTbus, we do not want you to have to transfer frequently or unnecessarily. We want to bring you to your destination as directly as possible. However, we do offer transfer connections in individual cases or if you individually book and combine together specific route sections. However, you are solely responsible for the risk of missing your bus in such cases. In other respects, WESTbus guarantees safe transport to your booked destination, although we cannot accept any claims demanding a specific means of transportation.

Can I bring a bicycle?

The transportation of bicycles is only possible on the WESTbus direct lines: Wien-Klagenfurt, Linz-Graz, Linz-Prague and the cooperation line Graz-Salzburg. Per bus 3 bicycle carriers are available.

Tickets for your bicycle cost € 9,- and can only be directly purchased by the bus driver.

Reservations can be made in advance online at www.westbus.at or by calling the Customer Care Center.

Please note that when you have made a reservation, you must be at the bus stop 15 minutes before departure, to buy your ticket from the driver, otherwise the reservation will expire.

Places are allocated according to availability of free, reserved bicycle tickets are given preferential treatment.

How many pieces of baggage can I bring with on a WESTbus for free?
One hand bag and one larger piece of luggage are included in the travel price. We charge a flat fee of € 2,- for every additional piece of baggage. 
You can take 1 hand bag with you in the passenger space. For safety reasons, this must be stowed in the provided compartment.
Suitcases and large bags must be stored in the cargo space of the bus. Please follow the instructions of the bus driver, who would be happy to assist you with your bags.
(Maximum baggage size: 85 x 65 x 45 cm; maximum weight: 25 kg)
What are the rules for hand bags at WESTbus?

As hand bag, you may only bring your hand bag, MP3 player, laptop, etc. on board. In other words, no large objects that could obstruct the emergency routes are permitted in the passenger space!

Is it possible to bring a pram?

If the pram folds up, then it can certainly be brought along. You do not have to register it in advance or pay any extra fee. Please understand, however, that prams that do not fold up cannot be transported for space reasons.  

Can I bring my pet?
The transporting of pets is not permitted. Guide dogs and companion dogs accompanying a handicapped passenger as well as small pets up to a maximum of 5 kg are excepted from this. These must reside within suitable transport boxes, travel bags, etc. on the lap or stowed in the foot space under the passenger’s own seat. The same rule as for the free hand bag allowance applies. You have no claim to a separate seat for your pet. 
Did you forget something on the bus?

If our bus drivers find your lost object on the bus, they will keep it safe for you. Please contact westbus@blaguss.com, and we will assist you. 

Are there seat belts?

Naturally, all our WESTbuses are equipped with seat belts. Our buses have 2-point belts (lap belts); these can also be used fasten a child seat that you bring with you.

Do the WESTbus drivers receive regular training and education?

Our WESTbus drivers take part in regular driving and safety training measures.

Are there also rest periods for drivers that must be observed?

Naturally, the rest periods required by law are very important to us and are therefore always strictly complied with.

What maintenance measures do the buses undergo?

All our buses and electronic devices at WESTbus naturally hold all necessary certifications and are regularly inspected. WESTbus utilises the fleet of our partner Blaguss, and no bus is older than 2 to 3 years.

How do I make certain that my baggage is securely stowed?

Baggage is well secured in the WESTbus and will be properly loaded by the bus driver: Large baggage is properly stowed in the undersection of the bus. Hand baggage is securely stowed in the compartments above the seats.


Naturally, our WESTbuses are equipped with state-of-the-art safety systems! Most importantly, however, our safety training measures ensure that our bus drivers are always familiar with the most up-to-date safety standards!