WESTbus advantages

As a bus company, our central purpose is to transport people. But that is not enough for us.

In addition to transporting our passengers, we want to welcome them into a world of safety and comfort and make every trip a positive experience: from the simple purchasing of a ticket all the way to arrival at their destination.




Spacious legroom
WC on board
Beverages on board
Free Wi-Fi



This is why we offer our customers buses with 4-star comfort, extra leg room, beverage machines in some cases and free WLAN – all at an unbelievably low price!


Environmentally friendly

A trip by bus is an environmentally friendly variant in order to be mobile. The coach has 1.3 liters of diesel and 3.0 kilograms of carbon dioxide per person ( on a 100 km journey ) According to the German Federal Environment Agency by far the lowest fuel consumption and exhaust emissions - significantly less compared to rail ( 2.3 l ) , aircraft ( 4.6 l ) and car ( 6.1 l ) - making it a record holder when it comes to climate compatibility .



In the interests of safety, all our buses are serviced at regular intervals – every 30,000 kilometres for the double-deck model and every 45,000 kilometres for the two- and three-axle models.



Our bus drivers are required to regularly complete extensive training programmes. The drivers are also subject to the strictest rest requirements. Compliance with the legally required steering and rest times is strictly monitored with the help of electronic systems.