Line Graz - Salzburg

in cooperation with Flixbus

WESTbus Sparstraße

to Vienna, Linz, Graz, Klagenfurt and Prague

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Vienna - Klagenfurt via St. Michael
Vienna - Graz via St. Michael
Linz - Graz via St. Michael or Sattledt
Linz - Graz (valid from 1.4.2017) via St. Michael or Sattledt
Linz - Klagenfurt via St. Michael
Linz - Prague via České Budějovice
Linz - Prague (valid from 1.4.2017) via České Budějovice
Graz - Klagenfurt via St. Michael
Graz-Salzburg via St. Michael, Liezen, Schladming, Radstadt
Graz-Salzburg (valid from 1.4.2017) via St. Michael, Liezen, Schladming, Radstadt

WESTbus - Comfortable, Low-Impact, Safe.

When we founded WESTbus in December 2011, we made it our mission to expand the Austrian public transportation network together with WESTbahn. Our goal is to offer attractive city connections wherever existing public transportation connections are insufficient. Our buses are state of the art and offer 4-star comfort.

Travel with our buses from the Austrian capital to Graz, St. Michael or Klagenfurt. Take a WESTbus from Linz to St. Michael to Graz or cross the border to Prague with departures from Linz or Salzburg.

Another international destination you can reach by WESTbus from Linz is České Budějovice. From Linz you can also travel to Klagenfurt, the city on Lake Wörthersee. With our partner Flixbus and Blaguss, we have added many more European destinations to our travel network. You can find a sampling of the many options offered by Flixbus and Blaguss at our WESTbus ticket shop.